Succession Planning

How prepared is your organization for growth and leadership

Growth can mean:

  • More people
  • New locations
  • Management shifts
  • Personnel replacements

A Plan for Leadership

Many organizations take pride in their grasp of their needs
relating to finances and business planning. What many of these
same organizations lack is a strategic and tactical plan for
leadership as it relates to growth or change.

A Set of Strategies

Succession planning is a set of strategies to effectively manage career cycles, organizational growth, preservation of culture, or catastrophic change. It is more than having a plan to replace a Chairman or CEO. Optimally, it is a plan to target and develop leaders for the whole organization -- a process whereby the organization plans for the seen and the unforeseen.

Succession plans evaluate individuals on the following:

  • Leadership/Interpersonal Skills
  • Critical Skills and Experience
  • Motivations
  • Traits/Values

Succession plans also are a bridge to the corporate strategic plan.

The Costs

Many organizations have survived without a Succession Plan - but at what cost? What were the delays? What problems were created by indecision? How much time did it take to get people into place and up to speed? How many misfires were there? How well did the organizaation carry on when someone important was "run over by the bus"?

A well executed Succession Plan reduces the chances for error.

RAR Management can help your organization create a Succession Plan that will maximize the use of your resources.


If you would like more information on Succession Planning, contact us.

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