Organization Audit/Alignment

You are running an organization. Everything appears to be in working order. Things seem right. Of course they are...Or are they?

  • How do you know what you think you know?
  • When was the last time you took the temperature of your organization?
  • What are those quiet voices around you, telling you?
  • Maybe it's time for a preventative maintenance organization physical.

An Organization Audit/Alignment will tell you where your organization is functioning well and where problem areas exist. Using quantitative and qualitative techniques to gather information, you will know the health of your organization. With this information, you can decide where resources need to be assigned.

Who's involved

  • Decision Makers
  • Top Management
  • Randomly Selected Personnel

Use of structured interviews

  • Strategic Definitions
  • Role Definitions
  • Process Definitions


  • Report on Findings
  • No assumption of future consulting work

Time requirements

  • 4 weeks or less(in the majority of cases) -- all inclusive

RAR Management can help with your Organization Audit/Alignment

  • Coordinate all information gathering
  • Maximize all interview time
  • Create an environment for open and honest discussion

If you would like more information on an Organization Audit/Alignment, contact us.

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