Executive Coaching

In sports, the coach calls all the shots, devises the plan, trains the team, and focuses on winning the game, tournament, or championship.

In organizations, the coach’s role -- whether the individual is an internal or external resource -- is very different. Here the coach’s role is not to be the center of the universe, rather, he or she is to be a guide; an emotionally detached third party.

A developmental coach has to understand the needs and skill level of the individual, the needs and resources of the organization, and how the individual and the organization can effectively work together.

Our Focus

At RAR Management we focus on the following areas of Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development
  • Role Definition
  • Priority Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Conversation Skills
  • Goals -- Short-term & Long-term
  • Values
  • Personal Mission Statement

Executive Coaching is not only an investment of money but also in time. Typically, the process, which must be focused and intentional, can take from three to six months. The results can be amazing.

If you would like more information on Executive Coaching, contact us.

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