Everybody knows what it is, but for some reason, we are not very good at it.

That is the conclusion you would come to after listening to group after group, organization after organization, realizing that communications is one of their biggest problems. We may all speak the same language, but we use it differently with each other.

Too often, we try to define what communications is when we should be defining what communications are.

Communications are complex, consisting of a large group of inter-related activities with the goal of increasing understanding. Communications used to be limited to: voice, memo, announcement boards, paper media, etc. Recent technological advances have created new pathways to communicate: e-mail, fax, internet, video, etc. Culturally, we are having a hard time keeping up.

RAR Management can help with a Communications program that:

  • Defines what communications are
  • Uses practical, understandable activities
  • Applies the learning experience back to the job
  • Takes as little time as a day

If you would like more information on communications and how we can help, contact us.

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