Who we are -- What we do

RAR Management is a general management consulting firm, located in Williamsburg, Virginia, catering to both private industry and the public sector. We are dedicated to maximizing business resources, making for more effective organizations, and providing the highest quality training, development, and consultative services. RAR Management can provide a number of resources and services to our clients, such as:

  • Advising and coaching executives
  • Helping executive management teams focus on mission statements, corporate direction and change
  • Playing a key role in developing leadership skills and capabilities for middle and upper managers
  • Creating customized development programs
  • Gathering information and creating standards for expectations, behavior, and performance
  • Developing and implementing strategies for both "Leader" and "Leaderless" teams
  • Delivering high quality training programs

These services and other resources are provided in many ways -- onsite, through the internet, or on the phone. Use the links on the left to find out how RAR Management can help you and your organization.

Our clients

RAR Management works with national and international clients. For more than 25 years, we have consulted with the following industries:

Financial Petrochemical
Utilities Computer
Banking Medical
Manufacturing Not for profit
Retail and Merchandising

Our priorities

RAR Management's priorities are to:

  • Listen to you and your issues
  • Use our experience to help you problem-solve
  • Tell you what we see, not what we think you want to hear
  • Be an external resource providing support for internal initiatives
  • Keep confidences

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